A luncheon was held in the boardroom today, introducing students to the BSSC Student Excellence Program.

The program brings together students with high academic aspirations and the ability to do well, so they can support one another to achieve their full potential.

Today’s luncheon was an opportunity for students to meet with like-minded peers and discuss not only the opportunities and support available at the college, but also the challenges and obstacles to academic success.

BSSC principal, Dale Pearce, said that time management, both in and out of school, was a proven key to success. He encouraged students to do everything they could to make their time count.

“Working with others who are willing to make the same commitment is really important,” he said. “We’re here to support you to be the very best you can be.”

BSSC Dux of 2021, Lachlan Moon, spoke via video of his own experiences of VCE and how he was able to achieve the results to pursue his chosen pathway—a double degree in Engineering/Science.

“Ask lots of questions,” he said. “Your teachers can’t help you unless they know what you don’t understand.”

“Do as many practice exams as you can and ask your teachers for feedback.”

The theme of today’s luncheon was ‘connect’ and, given the buzz of conversation in the room, the students were doing just that.

They also had the chance to chat with Bendigo Kangan TAFE CEO, Sally Curtain, who is at BSSC today as part of the Principal for a Day program.