Jess Graham (Class of 2016) doesn’t know where her passion for ceramics may lead her—and for now, that’s just fine.

The recipient of a Mason Trust Bursary, Jess is currently in the second year of a Fine Art degree at RMIT where she majors in ceramics. Today she returned to BSSC to share her experiences with a very appreciative group of Year 11 Visual Art students—many who also have their sights set on a Fine Art degree.

Jess showed examples of her work so far and the many new techniques she learnt in her first year at RMIT. She also spoke more generally about the life of a uni student—the expectations and workload when studying a Fine Arts degree.

“The most exciting thing about studying fine art at tertiary level is the opportunities you get to push yourself out of your comfort zone creatively,” she says. “I’ve made pieces that I would never have made without being pushed and encouraged by the lecturers.

“You also have the chance to branch out into other disciplines, not just in the arts. I studied Business as an elective.”

Jess’ dream is to one day become a commercial artist, but she’s realistic about the need to work in other jobs and industries to support her art.

“Right now my focus is on my course and making ceramics,” she says. “I just love it and I know that whatever I do after university I will always be a ceramicist.”

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