Do you want to support and empower women worldwide through your advocacy or service?

Are you a young woman between the ages of 16 and 19 (at 1-4-18)?

Are you also a volunteer?

Perhaps you have had experience in local or student government, or been a leader at work?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions please consider applying for Zonta’s Young Women in Public Affairs Award.

In order for more women to be represented in key decision-making positions worldwide, Zonta seeks to encourage young women to pursue careers or seek leadership positions in public policy-making, government and volunteer organisations and furthering their education with these aims in view.

This award of $750 aims to inspire young Bendigo women to participate in public affairs.

It is part of a series of five scholarships that Zonta Bendigo awards each year.

Kelly Phan, now studying Law/Arts with a special interest in human rights and international relations, won this award two years ago.

“Winning the Zonta award in Year 12 was a great honour and I definitely encourage young women in Bendigo to apply for it,” she said. “The prize money made the transition into uni in Melbourne a lot smoother. I was able to attend many networking events and conferences that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

“I also got to meet other women who are doing incredible things in Bendigo, who have inspired and motivated me to use my education to make the lives of others better. Zonta serves to empower women to be their best, and they have certainly helped me to be my best. If you’re thinking about applying for this award, just give it a go!”

Application forms and information sheets are available from the Zonta website:–scholarships.html