Did you know humans have around one hundred billion brain cells—and that we often underestimate how much we are capable of learning?

Studying VCE, VCAL or VET at BSSC is a brilliant opportunity to soak knowledge into your unique brain. (Yes, each of our brains are as unique as our fingerprints.) Years 11 and 12 are also a chance to understand your learning style so you will be better set up for a lifetime of learning.

But, do you know why learning something new is so hard at the start? (Remember the first time you took control of a car?) It feels hard because our brain has to physically expand our neural networks to ‘wire in’ the new concepts or skills alongside what we already know.

Once we have worked something out, our brain, which seems to LOVE learning, keeps playing unconsciously—we have no idea this is happening—with the new ideas and other possible ways of thinking about a challenge.

So don’t get sabotaged by frustration. Don’t conclude you can’t learn something. Don’t give up on persistently working away at the challenges that have already begun to confront you.

Habits actually become physical neural networks—both negative and positive habits. So maybe there are negative habits that need serious challenging? And maybe you can grab the opportunities on offer at BSSC to cultivate some very useful habits?

Want to know more? This article was distilled from Eric Jensen’s book: Brain Based Learning: The New Science of Teaching and Training.

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