Over 71,600 young people in Victoria are believed to have significant responsibilities caring for another person. They may support their mother, father, sister, brother or grandparent at home because of a disability or illness. Many are at risk of dropping out of school, or have difficulty establishing social networks and participating in activities that their peers enjoy.

Carers Victoria ‘Young Carer Scholarship Program’ offers eligible young carers up to $500 so they can participate in school or community-based activities that enhance their skills, educational achievements and abilities. Applications must be received by 5 pm Wednesday 19 April 2017. Successful applicants will receive notification around six weeks later.

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Want to know more about the experiences of young carers?
Melbourne-based production company Youthworx made a short documentary in 2015. To see
‘Young Carers NT’ go to youthworxproductions.org.au

Bendigo Community Health Services also offer support for young carers.