The culmination of Year 12 creativity was on show in a vibrant exhibition held on the Arts Floor on Wednesday evening.

Sixteen artists were awarded prizes covering ten categories and it was obvious why judge, Ry Haskings, had such a tough time making his choices. Ry is Lecturer in Visual Arts at La Trobe University Bendigo and an artist whose work refers to many modern themes and abstract art forms.

“There is some really great work in this exhibition,” he said, “It took me a lot of time to decide tonight’s award winners.”

Ceramics, photography, design, drawing, painting, fabrics—it was all there—and an audience of art students, their parents and friends, as well as BSSC staff, wandered the exhibition space that buzzed with appreciative comments.

Isabella Fortuna and Ash Bird helped set the scene as they played and sang their own gorgeous blend of music and song.

And the winners were…

Honourable Mentions: Jemma Purdy-Rowe, Hayley Dunne and Abby Wharton.

La Trobe University Aquisitive Award: Ericha Smyth

Parents & Friends Aquisitive Award: Annika Ritchie

Student Council Aquisitive Award: Angel Kostevski

Michaels Photography Awards: Kezia Collishaw, Gus Tremlett-Davies and Tearna Filby

Margaret Standon Photography Award: Cas Wolfe

CLICK Aquisitive Award: Romea Kumar

Cavalier Art Awards: Zoe Kingdon, Pieter Schleiger and Tom Noble

Spotlight Art Fashion Award: Eli Flavell

Zart Art Award: Lachlan McCutcheon

BSSC Art Department also acknowledges the generous support of

Michaels, Cavalier Art, Spotlight, Zart and Peter Standon.

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