Each year BSSC Year 12 Art students look forward to their end of year exhibition. It’s always well-attended with much admiration for the incredible imagination and creativity students demonstrate.

But in COVID-normal world, even the way we view art has changed. This year’s exhibition is moving online to a virtual gallery.

Teacher, Elise Lidgett, says that while many of the Painting and Drawing students have found they’ve been able to immerse themselves more completely in their creative processes, others have had to make major changes to their projects.

Olivia Walklate, changed her theme of ‘Adolescence’ to ‘Teenagers in Lockdown’.

“I had planned to take photographs of young people in clubs and at parties,” she says, “but due to the pandemic, none of the venues are open and parties are not allowed.”

In contrast, Bree Mullen’s theme, ‘Farm Life’, was a photographic series shot in big-sky rural spaces.

Students using digital art media, such as Augmented Reality, chose themes like ‘Human Rights’, ’Imagination’, ‘Human Impact’ and ‘Change’.

Some of these students will not be able to give viewers the ‘full’ experience of their work. For example, images that animate when a device is held up to the piece.

Disappointing as the constraints are, students have delved deeply and worked hard.

Today, he Communications Team had a sneak preview of students’ work. We urge everyone to ‘turn up’ virtually to celebrate the fantastic achievements of these talented young artists.

We’ll make the link to the online exhibition available once the exhibition is officially launched.