BSSC featured on the world stage this week with VET coordinator, Jenny Moloney, presenting an overview of our VET program to the Asian Development Bank’s International Skills Development Forum in the Philippines.

Participation in the forum is by invitation, prioritising policy makers and lead practitioners from developing Asia. Jenny was invited to present BSSC as a case study example of how one school in Australia is integrating VET into its program.

Jenny shared the podium with Professor Rupert MacLean, Director Lifelong Learning Hong Kong Institute of Education and UNESCO Chair for VET and Tony Linden, the Education Specialist of the World Bank.

At the Forum, international experts, leading practitioners, policy makers, Technical and VET service providers and stakeholders shared their work, experiences, and future plans. Given the huge challenges facing effective delivery of VET programs, there is interest to learn from emerging good practices such as that at BSSC.

Jenny also participated in a panel session with representatives from India and the Philippines explaining how BSSC has responded to some of the key priorities for the ADB International Skills Forum including:

  • Responding to employers’ needs – what they expect and want from VET graduates.
  • Adapting to changing conditions – successful examples in VET.
  • Strategies on how to raise the quality of VET.
  • Successful modalities adopted world-wide to incorporate a secondary VET track.
  • Examples of how to promote public-private partnerships in delivering VET programs.
  • Looking ahead to emerging priorities– a glimpse around the corner.