Specialist Sports students took a unique journey into ‘success, failure and resilience’ this afternoon when they spent an enlightening hour with ultra-endurance runner and personal safety expert, Luke Atkins.

Luke led the students out of their comfort zones as he shared his experiences of pushing his body to the absolute limit to see what he was capable of.

“I was driven by the question, ‘how far can I run before my body won’t run anymore’,” he told students. “The qualities needed to finish one of these extreme races—like the World’s Toughest Mudder—are the same qualities that allow us to keep persevering and ultimately achieve our best life.”

Luke also spoke of the work ethic needed to succeed, whether at school or in whatever pursuits make us truly happy.

“There were always people more talented than me… more academically gifted. But I’ve always had the work ethic that enabled me to compete at the highest level.”

He urged the students to recognise their potential and to choose a life they can be proud of.

“Ask yourself what you want and why you want it,” he said. “And make decisions with your happiness in mind.”