On Wednesday morning, Year 12 students were treated to what many are calling the best presentation of the year, when Sonya Karras presented her Whole New World seminar in the Ulumbarra Theatre.

Blending riotous stand-up style humour with heartfelt personal stories, Sonya covered a diverse range of information, providing strategies for young people to stay safe at parties, nightclubs and ‘schoolies’, and urging students to look after one another while they enjoy this special part of their lives.

Sonia worked in nightclubs in Melbourne for more than a decade, was a self-confessed ‘door bitch’, and now speaks to students and teachers around Australia telling it ‘as it is’ in an attempt to save lives and educate about the dangers of binge drinking and drink driving, dealing with emergency situations, the ins and outs of security, IDs and dress codes, and tips for using social media in ways that won’t jeopardise future opportunities.

We thank Sonya for her time, her honesty, and for making us all laugh while delivering such a powerful and important message.