Year 12 students were entertained, informed, spellbound and shocked as Sonya Karras lifted the lid on the ‘whole new world’ they are about to enter as adults.

Alcohol use, abuse, effects and dangers, were explained in a mix of facts and stories. Who knew that one in five of drunk drivers killed on Victorian roads are P-platers?

In the midst of some awful statistics, Sonya had everyone laughing with her quick one-liners and willingness to interact constantly with the audience.

Social media, drugs, first aid and drink spiking were all part of this presentation.

So, is this phase of life getting easier or harder to navigate?

“It’s both getting better and worse. Better because there are increasing numbers of young people who are not drinking or doing the crazy stuff. But it seems to be getting worse in terms of social media issues and more people taking drugs to try and escape mental health issues—who feel so much worse when they come down.

“My job is to guide you to party in the right way. Not just so you survive, but so you thrive!”