Exams are finished and marked, Step Up is over, courses are finalised, so what are BSSC’s teachers doing until December 20 when term four finishes? Wonder no more – here is a snapshot of some of the activities that are happening at your college.

The BSSC strategic plan and its implementation strategies is being developed for the college community and approval by the education department. All staff are working on developing its priorities and implementation plans.

From Monday 5th until Tuesday 20th December, staff members are also busy with their own learning. They attend conferences and workshops to ensure teaching practices and programs offered at BSSC use state of the art technology, innovative practices and provide for all students to do their very best no matter which program they have chosen.

Many of our teachers are leaders in their subject and they present at State and National conferences and to their local colleagues about the great things that happen at BSSC.

Teachers and support staff are also obliged to be up to date on Education Department legislative requirements designed to keep students safe. All staff must complete courses on anaphylaxis, mandatory reporting and occupational health and safety, and many complete or update their first aid qualifications.

2017 sees the introduction of new study designs in many VCE subjects. Hence BSSC teachers are busy gaining familiarity with the content, teaching materials and assessment methods for these new courses.

VET teachers must keep their qualifications current by engaging with business in their industry to ensure the most current practices and information are taught in our college VET certificates.

Last but not least, there are also many staff members involved in the planning and preparation for Awards Night next Wednesday. This is the culmination of our college year where the outstanding achievements of our students and staff are celebrated. Our Dux will be announced along with the Student of the Year, and many other significant academic, sporting, memorial and historical awards.