Artist and BSSC Alumna (Class of 2022) Josie Gower presented her original artwork to BSSC’s Wellbeing Centre this week.

Josie is not only a talented artist—during 2023, she was employed at the college in the role of Trainee – First Nations Support.

The art piece, titled ‘Holding and Healing Space’, will feature on a prominent wall of the Wellbeing Centre to remind First Nations students that it is a safe place for them to turn for help and guidance if needed.

Josie spent many hours working on the piece; carefully considering every detail.

“Through this piece I wanted to show the healing that we get from Country and Community.

“For thousands of years kangaroo paw flowers have been used by Aboriginal peoples as a key ingredient for healing damaged skin,” Josie explained. “The flowers hold many medicinal properties and are used to aid in the healing of wounds, cuts and burns.

“For Lutwita Palawa (Tasmanian) people—my Family and Mob—wattle is a calming plant, we would line the top our huts with wattle branches to help with sleep, safe and good dreaming. For me, wattle is a comforting plant: it grounds me, makes me feel safe, and relaxes me.

“The centre of the artwork depicts three meeting places that represent Community and people gathering. The meeting places are a safe space to yarn and share—just like the Wellbeing Centre is a safe space to connect and share.

“The wandering footprints represent the journey. As we walk this journey there may be challenges to face, but through Country and Community we can help heal and hold space for each other.”

The BSSC Wellbeing Centre is located opposite the Student Services Centre and is a safe and welcoming space for all students.