Cannabis (AKA marijuana, pot, dope, grass, weed) is the most commonly used illegal drug in Australia.  It is available in all communities so it is important that students have the facts about this drug.

Cannabis is a depressant, which means it slows down messages between your brain and body. It also comes in a synthetic form (Kronic, Skunk, Purple Haze), which may be more harmful than real cannabis.

There is a myth that using cannabis is pretty harmless, but in fact use of any drug always carries some risk. In particular, young people who use cannabis can make existing mental health problems worse, and increase the risk of developing conditions such as psychosis.

If you would like to access information on this topic for yourself or a friend, please see a member of our Wellbeing team.  Alternatively, you can access information at:

I your cannabis use is

starting to affect things that

matter, like your mental

health, wellbeing or your

friendships, it can be a good

idea to talk to someone

about your options, such as

different ways to reduce or

stop your use. Whatever you

decide, headspace can help.