On the weekend, BSSC lost a beloved member of the college community. Roxy was a fixture in the library for four years, and tended to the wellbeing of our students and staff with her gentle nature and love of a good belly rub.

When she first visited the college, she was grieving the loss of her brother and badly needed the company of others. Her one-week trial period stretched on into years and, as Library Technician Jenn Needham says, “she just loved coming to ‘work’ each day.

“She didn’t have a mean bone in her body and was a great companion for students who needed some time out. One student would bring her a Smacko every day…”

Library Leader Julie Willis says the library will be a very different place without Roxy’s influence.

“Somehow the library will feel very quiet in the weeks ahead, no matter how many students are in there. We’ll all miss her terribly.”

The library staff would like to thank the whole college community for the support and acceptance shown to Roxy and her extended Library family.