BSSC is not just Victoria’s most versatile senior secondary college.

This college recognises that offering the widest subject choice is not enough. While students can take pathways across VCE, VET and VCAL, our College also seeks to be a welcoming place where every student can find their place: great teachers, a group of friends, a smorgasbord of extra-curricular activities—and an experience of education that embeds lifelong learning as a personal value.

If you are the only one from your secondary college or you have just moved to Bendigo or BSSC, do not despair!!! Lunches are held during the first few Mondays of Term 1 to link students who would like to fast track some new friendships. The lunches will be held in the Conference Room:

  • Monday 12 Feb Lunch and activities
  • Monday 19 Feb Bring own lunch and activities
  • Monday 26 Feb Bring own lunch and activities

There’s also plenty to do if you are looking for extra-curricular opportunities—in sport, music, the arts, Student Council, science IT, maths and community service.

It is worth noting that the 2017 Student of the Year award winner, Kathryn Northill, travelled an hour each day to come to BSSC. In her acceptance speech she explained that until she discovered BSSC, she had been considering dropping out of school altogether.

“I had the best teachers, it was the best school for me,” she said. “…and look at me now.”

Right from the start Kathryn made good connections and felt quickly at home at BSSC. Her strategy was to join the Student Council. Then, in Year 12 she was elected Student Council Secretary. Kathryn has participated in some fabulous events—and left her mark on this place.

What are you going to do?