Our Step Up program for 2016 is about to start and we look forward to welcoming all our students for a taste of their new classes.

We also have parent information sessions in the Ulumbarra Theatre next Monday and Tuesday evenings for those who are new to the college.

The development of new facilities continues at BSSC. At the start of next year , we expect to have access to our new Music and Hospitality facilities in the Ulumbarra complex. Construction of our new Student Services Centre will be complete before mid-2016 and we have a further building program planned to commence around mid-year. I’m sure students are going to enjoy learning in those new spaces.

The Step Up program is a great opportunity for students to understand the requirements of the subjects they’ll be studying in 2016. I encourage students to dedicate some time to their studies over the coming school holiday period so that they begin the year full of confidence. This is important for all students, particularly those who are entering Year 12.

I look forward to welcoming our new students and their families to our college for the 2016 school year.