Intermediate VCAL students plan to change the way we all think about water as they embark on the H2GO Project in partnership with Coliban Water. The exciting six-week project was launched today when staff from Coliban Water visited the college to conduct a water taste test. Students and staff sampled water from Bendigo, Echuca, Elmore and Bridgewater, and were asked to rate it and describe its characteristics.

The project kicked off with students watching two important videos. ‘A World of Water’ highlighted what a precious resource water is and the right of everyone on the planet to have clean drinking water. ‘The Story of Bottled Water’ uncovered the truth behind bottled water, its drain on our resources, and cost to the environment.

In the weeks ahead students will visit the offices of Coliban Water and the Sandhurst Water Treatment Plant, run a campaign to encourage fellow students to choose tap water over bottled, and share their learnings with the college and broader communities.

This unique opportunity will allow students to gain real-life knowledge and build leadership skills, while completing their VCAL outcomes at the same time.