Are you or any of your friends, neighbours or relatives interested in offering your time to help learner drivers accumulate their required 120 hours of driving practice?

The Salvation Army offers access to driving lessons through the L2P program. Currently they have a one year waiting list for young people to access the program. BSSC would like to offer the L2P program to our students, to help achieve some of the 120 required driving hours.

We need at least six volunteers for up to two hours a fortnight to take up the driver mentor training to be able to offer this opportunity to the students. You’d be mentoring young people from our wonderful group of EAL/VCAL students, many of whom come from refugee backgrounds.

There are no special prerequisites for mentors (other than a full Victorian driver’s licence) and you’ll receive the training you need – on Sunday 16 October from 9 am to 4 pm.

Please note that all students will have a learners permit and be formally assessed for road safety before engaging with driver mentors.

This is a great opportunity to help some of the newest members of our college, share your knowledge and experience, and build valuable community relationships.

The car and all associated expenses are covered by the L2P program. You will be providing your time, skills and knowledge.

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For more information contact BSSC EAL VCAL Teacher, Cath Holton: