Ibu Rohmah spent part of her last day at BSSC teaching a cooking class in the Language Centre kitchen. Her relaxed manner with the students was obvious and belied her comment that she had found the constant effort to understand both our culture and language, and choose correct responses, quite demanding.

The Language Centre is very different to the facilities in the small and remote primary school where she teaches in Sukabumi in West Java. Ibu Rohmah explained that teachers as well as students wear uniform and classes there are more formal. Students tend to remain in their seats, there are less staff and ICT facilities are fewer.

In the dry season Ibu Rohmah can use her motor-bike to get to school but must walk the 7km during the wet season because the roads are impassable.

Her two week visit was arranged through an Australian/Indonesian Government program giving Indonesian teachers a chance to visit Australian schools.

When asked about her observations of BSSC, she said she was impressed by the eagerness of students to engage in their learning. The College wishes Ibu Rohmah a safe journey home—and hopes her experiences with us will enrich her teaching.