On Thursday afternoon, the weedy and barren garden beds that have been waiting for spring, were given a good weed and a big feed of mulch and straw.

The garden project is a student council-generated idea by Reza Azimi, Tom Floyd and Georgia Pike, who approached Dan Hurrell about taking on something extra. “We wanted to have a project that contributed to the school community,” Tom said. “Given the impacts of global warming, even a small project like setting up a school garden is a step in the right direction.”

Tom, whose areas of study is maths/science and who hopes to become a physiotherapist, and Reza whose focus is in the humanities with a view to studying law at uni, were joined by a team of students to dig out the weeds and exhausted soil and replace it with rich fresh mushroom compost.

Loddon Prison will be supplying seedlings… tomatoes, basil, silver beet, broccoli, leeks and other summer vegetables and herbs, and the students will be able to take home the harvest to share with their families.

There’s nothing as tasty as home-grown—or in this case, ‘school-grown’—food!