Advising and supporting VCE students who have Specific Learning Difficulties is the focus of an evening course being held at Swinburne University on Wednesday 31 May from 6 to 8pm.

This presentation aims to provide students managing Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD), including Dyslexia, with information on how to best manage their journey through VCE.

Specific Learning Difficulties Victoria (SPELD) presents Kristin Anthian who has worked in education for 30 years. In 2014 she was involved in the VCE special provisions review focus groups, and in 2017 on the VCE Advisory Board for Specific Learning Difficulties. Kristin currently works as a private practitioner consulting with schools, early childhood settings and families, to support students with diverse and exceptional learning needs.

What will this presentation cover?

  • What is a Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD)?
  • How do you know you have one?
  • How can schools support students with SLDs approaching VCE?
  • Finding outside support
  • Support during SACS
  • Support during exams
  • Technology – what’s allowed and what’s not
  • Special consideration and impact on ATAR
  • VCAA necessary paperwork – process and timing
  • What next?

Places are limited so book early and get the early bird fee $40—otherwise $55.         Bookings can be made through:

Location: Swinburne University, Swinburne Place South (SPS) 137, 1st Floor, SPS building, Wakefield Street, Hawthorn.

For general enquiries about learning difficulties call SPELD (Specific Learning Difficulties in Victoria) on 9480 4422