Year 12 VCAL Student, Ruby Norman, has just landed her dream job.

Earlier this year, in an interview for a student profile, Ruby spoke about how much she was enjoying her School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT) program which included her working one day a week with Parks Victoria.

Last week Ruby was offered a full-time traineeship with Djandak—a business enterprise of the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation that works in cooperation with Parks Victoria.

“I’m so excited,” Ruby says. “And I’m working really hard at home now to get all my schoolwork finished.”

Ruby has also been studying a Certificate II in Horticulture through Bendigo-Kangan TAFE, a prerequisite for the job, which will be completed within the next couple of months too.

Ruby will transition from her Parks Victoria SBAT placement to Djandak where she will begin with an office-based induction. She understands that her work will initially focus on management of waterways.

“I have already learnt so much and developed personally through this SBAT,” Ruby says.

“I now have so many great connections through these organisations and I want to keep expanding my knowledge and continuing to grow through the experiences and opportunities I will have.”

Ruby is also full of praise for the VCAL program at BSSC.

“I really had no idea what VCAL was about when I first started at the college,” she says. “I’ve discovered it’s an experience of being with amazing, positive and supportive staff who are committed to helping you get onto the pathway you really want. I would definitely recommend VCAL.”

Despite the pandemic messing up almost everyone’s plans for 2020, by the end of this year Ruby will have completed Year 12, and a Certificate II in Horticulture, as well as secured an ongoing position because of her participation in the SBAT program—impressive achievements.

“I guess I’ve made the most of the people around me who support me. I’ve tried to make the most of all the video and phone calls that come with remote learning and I’ve knuckled down to get all the course-work completed.”

Through her SBAT program, Ruby has also been going out on Country every Tuesday. Something of a gift in the midst of an unprecedented lockdown.

“It’s what I love most—to be out on Country, looking after Country, and whenever possible, being involved in Indigenous events and spending time with the Elders.”