Access Education and TSSM are again running Revision Lectures in Bendigo in October at exclusive prices for BSSC students.

ACCESS Education Revision Lectures

ACCESS Education offer revision lectures at La Trobe University Bendigo on Saturday October 19 & Sunday October 20 at an exclusive price of $34.50 per lecture for BSSC students

How do I enrol?

To pay, students must fill out the attached enrolment form of the exclusive BSSC Access Education flyer and hand this in together with their payment (of $34.50) per lecture to the BSSC Finance

Payment for ACCESS Education lectures must be made by 1.30 p.m. Tuesday October 15 2019 to the BSSC Finance Office. If paying by cheque; cheques are to be made payable to Bendigo Senior Secondary College. 

Please ensure the following:
The student’s name and email address are clearly and legibly written on the form

Students to check their emails for individually barcoded tickets from Access Education  A map can be downloaded from bendigo-campus)

If students have not received a booking confirmation email by 2 days prior to the lecture, call Access Education on 1300 338 222.

TSSM Exam Revision lectures

TSSM will be offering 3.5 hour sessions at Bendigo Senior Secondary College on Saturday October 12, Sunday October 13 & Saturday October 19.

How do I enrol?

To enrol, students must fill out the attached enrolment form of the TSSM flyer and hand this in, together with their payment (of only $40.00 per subject) to the BSSC Finance Office. If paying by cheque; cheques are to be made payable to Bendigo Senior Secondary College.  Students from other schools will pay $69 to attend these lectures, so the investment of $40 represents a significant saving to our students.

Payment for TSSM lectures must be made by 1.30 p.m. Tuesday October 8th 2019 to the BSSC Finance Office. 

No tickets will be issued but names will be placed on a “class list” and checked off at the lectures on the day. TSSM will email you confirmation of enrolment in your chosen revision lecture, so it is vital that you fill out the enrolment form address details and email address details accurately.