BSSC, we’re in luck!

During this term and the next, VET Hospitality students will be creating delicious lunches and take-home meals—as well as catering for sit-down functions.

Last Wednesday, in a mouth-watering entrée of what’s to come, BSSC students and staff were able to buy delicious turkey burgers with freshly-made cranberry sauce, rocket, tomato and Brie cheese, all served with a side of sweet potato wedges, for only $5. Mmmmm!

Visiting the VET kitchen as students prepared this lunch, the scent of warm bread filled the air and bright orange sweet potato wedges looked delicious. Lachlan Pieper, in the midst of turning out piles of wedges, commented that he not only plans to become a chef, but hopes to return to a setting such as the VET kitchen as a teacher, explaining, “I like the idea of passing on the knowledge.”

Watching over gently frying turkey burgers, Hannah Garrett, who plans to work in the hotel industry as a manager, said, “The cooking skills give me insight into the back-of-house aspect of the industry.”

As always, someone has to do the dishes and Alaynah Zelenewicz and Chloe Swan were enjoying the least pressuring aspect of the process. “There’s more pressure when you cook for others—more precision required than when you just cook for yourself,” observed Alaynah. Chloe added that they didn’t mind taking turns doing the dishes; “The whole class is a pretty good team—we all respect each other.”