Students who wish to apply for travel concession cards should visit:

From 30 January 2017 customers aged 17 and 18 must carry government issued proof of age identification (such as a Drivers License, Learners Permit, Proof of Age card or passport), or proof of another concession entitlement (such as a PTV School Student ID or Health Care Card). Students applying for a Student Pass must also apply for a PTV School Student ID (please note, school issued ID cards are not accepted).

A Student Pass provides unlimited travel on all train, tram and bus services within the zone(s) of validity until the expiry of the pass.

How do I get a Student Pass?

To get a Student Pass, you will also need to apply for a PTV School Student ID, which costs $9.00 and is valid until 28 February the next year. Complete the PTV School Student ID/Student Pass form below.

International students can buy an iUSEpass, which provides a 50 per cent discount on a yearly myki.

Applying for a PTV School Student ID

Complete the relevant application form below. Instructions for completing and submitting the form are included with it.