Year 12 students looking towards further study received valuable advice today when the Tertiary Information Service rolled into town for its annual expo at the Ulumbarra Theatre.

More than a dozen universities and colleges presented information to students, offering an overview of the courses available and encouraging them to attend open days.

The Tertiary Information Service visits the college each year and is a collective of universities, TAFE institutes and independent tertiary colleges helping students prepare for future careers through free events around Victoria.

Students had the opportunity to roam the various stalls, ask questions, and for many, begin the decision-making process about further education.

Guest speakers included John Paul Collins from Melbourne University who talked students through the benefits of tertiary study and the huge variety of courses available, from certificates and diplomas, to bachelor degrees. He also spoke about the practicalities of course codes, VTAC applications and preferences.

“Treat your course preferences as a wishlist,” he said. “Begin with your dream course, but make sure you select other pathway courses as a Plan B.”

Donna Winfield from Longerenong Agricultural College encouraged students to make the most of all the support offered to them, both at the tertiary institutions they apply to and at BSSC.

“Your career advisors are your best friend,” she said. “If you haven’t caught up with them yet, make an appointment to talk about your options.”

Students also heard from Steve, a La Trobe University Bendigo student studying Paramedicine. Steve explained that his original course selection turned out to be the wrong choice for him.

“I took time away from uni to think about what I wanted to do,” he explained. “I travelled, I spent some time in the Army Reserve, and as a result I met some people who were paramedics. It’s about finding the pathway that is right for you… it might not happen right away.”


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