Year 11 student, Tiarne Sherman, was asked about being a student at BSSC and also what her aspirations are for next year and beyond….


What have been the challenges?

“Adapting to a new structure and environment compared to my 7 – 10 college, as well as the VCE workload, was a challenge at first. But the teachers and other students definitely made it less confronting and it didn’t take me long to settle in.


What have you enjoyed most about your first year at BSSC?

“I really enjoyed being able to choose from the variety of subjects the college offers. Because I’m doing the subjects that suit my personal interests, I’m engaged in them and find it much easier to be motivated to do well.


What are you looking forward to about the year ahead?

“I’m looking forward to Year 12—especially because I’ve applied to take part in the Deakin Accelerate Program. This program would allow me to study a university subject as well as Year 12. I have applied to do psychology because a career in psychology, preferably teaching, is my ultimate goal.


“The Deakin Accelerate Program was suggested to me by my psychology teacher. It’s an opportunity for those who want to kick start their university studies and it’s a pathway into the career you’re passionate about.


“For me, psychology explains so much about human behaviour. I sometimes have the experience of realising: ‘Oh, so that’s why I do that!’ or why others do the things they do. I find it intriguing.”