The amazing Glenn Manton today took sixty Specialist Sports students on a confronting, engaging and heartfelt journey into their own attitudes and expectations.

Glenn’s own personal story is much more than an account of an AFL star who played for Carlton in the 1995 premiership. These days he is very clear about the distinction between life on and off the field.

“When I’m playing footy, that’s when I’m a footballer,” he said. “When I’m off the field I’m a man who looks in the mirror every morning asks myself: are you fair dinkum? Is this who you really are?”

The balance between sport and the rest of life was one of the main issues on Year 12 student, Niah Langtree’s, mind as she arrived for the session.

What she, and the rest of the athletes were treated to, was a conversation about life and the values that Glenn has found to be truly enriching of his best self.

Reflecting on the session, Year 11 student, Bella Pitto, found Glenn’s open-mindedness a real highlight.

Soccer player, Maxi Shanahan, commented that he appreciated being reminded of how important it is to separate the person from their sport.

Glenn’s transparency about the many challenges and opportunities he’s taken and lost, helped students consider what really matters to them—beyond their sport. It allowed the group to confront the unexpected questions Glenn put to them.

“What do you think is the most important value in a relationship?” he asked (Glenn argued convincingly for ‘communication’.) And, “What is your most treasured possession?” (He offered $500 for a beloved necklace and $1500 for a long-treasured teddy from childhood—with no takers.)

His final question to the students was “What needs to happen next?”

It left each athlete to think about the direction they were taking and perhaps any potential changes that could bring greater satisfaction and deepen their sense of purpose.

Thanks a million, Glenn!