As the rain eased and the sun burst through, the Year 11 class of 2018 gathered in the Ulumbarra Plaza for a BBQ lunch to celebrate the last day of classes.

As they mingled together they reflected on the experience of their first year at BSSC.

“I’ve had a great year,” Nigheisha McCurdy said. “I think it’s because I’ve enjoyed all my subjects so much. I especially like Business but long-term I am planning to study Anthropology.”

Joseph Glanville and Jack Sides, who have not decided on their career paths yet, have both had a good year at BSSC.

“It is great to have the freedom to choose the classes you really want to do. I’m studying maths, physic and systems engineering,” Joseph said.

“I think part of my success this year has been because I have been able to tailor-make my program,” Jack said. “I’m only studying what I want to.” The highlight of Jack’s year was hosting the Year 12 Graduation (and what a great job he did of that!).

Giame, who is hoping to become a chef, has understandably best enjoyed those subjects connected to cooking.

“I’ve really learnt a lot this year and hope to continue the same subjects next year,” he said.

“He’ll be a Masterchef!” one of his friends called out from across the plaza. Mmmm, we hope so!

For Sarah Maggs and Lola Cocking, the highlights of being at BSSC have been the new experiences and opportunities, and making new friends.

“BSSC is very different to my old school,” Lola explained. “Here, you need to want to learn and most students do. It’s been great.” Lola plans to complete Year 12, go travelling, and then come back to Melbourne to study Law.

Good luck to all Year 11s as they begin their exams tomorrow.