A message from Julia Featherstone, BSSC’s International Liaison and Program Advisor:

I am passing on a thank you message from our sister school Zhongshan Overseas Chinese High School.

I know many of you will remember those happy students who visited or attended your classes over the last two weeks. They enjoyed every activity that was arranged for them, including the Graduation Ceremony and Last Day of Year 12, cooking, a scavenger hunt with VET Chinese, Auslan and Drama classes, a Bendigo Art Gallery visit, farm visit, Camp Hill Primary School visit, lunchtime interaction with our students as well as many other fun activities.

Comments from them were heart-warming such as:

“Best time ever in our school life.”

“We had so much laughter and fun over the last few days.”

“Beautiful school, friendly students, lovely teachers.”

“Caring and hospitable home stay.”

“Will never forget Bendigo and BSSC.”

“Don’t want to leave, will come back to study one day.”

“Will bring parents here for a visit.”

A big thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and assistance in providing a life-changing experience for these young Chinese students… and our own students.

Thank you very much!

Kind Regards, Julia