Chief Engineer at Thales Australia, Mark Brennan, spent Thursday immersed in the world of education, and BSSC in particular, as part of the Principal for a Day program.

Mr Brennan joined Principal Linda Lyons for a ‘typical’ Thursday in the life of a college principal, attending meetings both on and off campus, visiting various learning areas around the college, including the Bendigo Schools Trade Training Centre, and meeting with the college leadership team.

Mr Brennan is Chair of the Bendigo Manufacturing Group made up of 17 companies that form an advisory panel to COGB. He jumped at the chance to participate in the Principal For a Day program.

“I’ve really enjoying getting an understanding of the programs offered by the college, and am fascinated by the level of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) going on at BSSC,” he said.

“It’s been particularly exciting to see the engineering aspect of the Trade Training Centre. It’s so important for Bendigo that we have students involved at this level.

“The manufacturing sector is not dead… it’s still one of the leading contributors to the Bendigo economy.”

The mission of Principal for a Day is to increase and strengthen relationships, based on knowledge and understanding between the private sector and education.

“Partnerships between key leaders in education, business and the wider community are especially important,” Mr Brennan said.