It’s always exciting when alumni visit the college to share their knowledge. And while Alyssa Muscat only graduated at the end of 2017, she still had plenty of valuable information to share with Year 11 and 12 Visual Art students this morning.

Alyssa, a recipient of the Mason Trust Bursary, talked about her transition from BSSC to a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT which was particularly helpful for many of the current Year 12 students.

“It’s much more exciting than it is scary,” she reassured students. “I’ve met so many fun and like-minded people at uni. It really broadens your horizons.”

Alyssa also shared her folios from Unit 3-4 Studio Arts and Art General, stressing the importance of annotating work and including all your research and inspiration in your folios.

“If you can write and talk about your work using art language it makes a huge impact when you’re applying for uni places,” she said. “The more you include in your folio the better… three-dimensional pieces go down really well too. They just want to see that you are passionate about what you’re doing.”

She also urged students not to get bogged down by the stress of Year 12.

“I know it can feel like the work is piling up, but you WILL get through it,” she said. “Focus on the work rather than the stress and try to have fun.”

Art teacher Helen Attrill said Alyssa was a great example to current students of how to approach their art subjects.

“Alyssa had very strong concepts in her Year 12 studies and could speak and write about her work with great clarity and confidence,” Helen said. “She participated well in all art activities and this including workshops, installing art exhibitions at La Trobe Art Institute and excursions. She did all this with a smile and with passion… It’s no surprise that she has embracing uni life and doing so well.”