Year 12 student and rising star of the golf world, Jazy Roberts, recently participated in the Players’ Series Murray River tournament held at Cobram-Barooga Golf Club.

In the company of tournament champion, Hannah Green, Jazy had a chance to see up-close how professionals approach a major competition.

“Golf is a really hard sport to be consistent with,” Jazy says. “It’s also also growing in popularity, especially for women and girls.”

For Jazy, it’s also fantastic fun.

It all began when she was a seven-year-old, carted around the golf course in her dad’s buggy, as he taught her older brother… until one day she said she wanted to have a go.

“It wasn’t easy,” she smiles. “I don’t have some sort of natural talent for golf, I just wanted to be better than my brother.”

Supported by her golfing family over the past decade, Jazy has now fully embraced golf and hopes to one day become a professional.

Alongside her family, local people like Lucas Herbert have provided important inspiration, but the truth of any skill is in the practice.

Each day after school Jazy is down on the greens. Every weekend is taken up with golf.

She has had some great success—making the State team for her age-group and winning back-to-back club championships at Heritage in Melbourne against both older women and men.

School is a major distraction from Jazy’s true passion, but to her great credit, she is working as hard academically as she can.

“I really don’t want to go on to more study at this point,” Jazy says. “A job in the golf industry would suit me very well—perhaps working in the pro-shop; on the drinks cart or as caddy.

“The biggest challenge is staying on top of school work while consistently improving at my golf. The only time I feel like giving up is if I play really badly or can’t find my best.”

Initially coached by Paul Powell, Jazy is now under the guidance of Ange Tatt from Ballarat.

Pennant begins in Melbourne next week and numerous tournaments are just around the corner—and Jazy can’t wait!