BSSC is interested in more than just student ATARs. The Wellbeing Team run, or help to run, events and programs throughout the year that are designed to connect, educate and inform students.

The Wellbeing Team also provides individual support through a team of Wellbeing Advisors, a Youth Health Nurse and visiting experts. You can drop in or make an appointment with the on-site team anytime. The Wellbeing Centre is situated opposite the Student Services Centre on the other side of the ramp—enter through the yellow door.

If a student wishes to see the visiting general practice doctor or a mental health nurse, psychologist or social worker, appointments are required. These can be made through Sharon, Donna, Viv, Kylie, Kristen and Carly.

All appointments require parental consent. There is no cost associated with these services. Students can also be referred to external community health organisations if required.

As new students begin their BSSC journey it is normal for them to feel nervous. The Wellbeing Team recommend as a fantastic website providing fact sheets, stories and forums to help make it easier for young people to adjust to new places, new people and new friends—and lots of other topics for that matter!

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