On Tuesday, the BSSC Careers & Pathways team, along with Principal Dale Pearce, visited the RMIT Flight Training School at Bendigo Airport.

RMIT Flying Instructors Jesse Pritchard and Luke Murphy explained the new courses being offered in Bendigo—the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) and the Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation – Pilot Stream). Both courses allow students to qualify as professional pilots.

Jesse and Luke emphasised the most important skill a student should have is determination and a passion for flying, along with good interpersonal skills and flexibility. Maths, Psychology and Physics are recommended subjects, along with English.

Careers Advisors Rita Soares and Lorelle Pearse climbed aboard the Cessna plane with instructor Luke, who demonstrated how students learn to fly and read instrumentation. Students who choose to study flying in Bendigo have the same quality education as those who learn in Melbourne, with the advantage of smaller class sizes and saving money by not living in Melbourne.

The Careers & Pathways team are organising an aviation careers event for 2020 so that BSSC students can learn more about these fantastic opportunities. If you’re interested in an aviation career, contact the BSSC Careers & Pathways team on careersandpathways@bssc.edu.au