A combined group of Community Services and VCAL students visited the Bendigo Library last Monday to assemble feminine hygiene kits that are headed to Timor Leste.

Girls in developing countries who do not have access to hygiene products often miss up to three months of their education each year when they are menstruating.

‘Days for Girls’, the coordinating organisation, is dedicated to creating a more dignified and educated world through providing lasting access to feminine hygiene solutions in combination with health education.  So far over 640,000 women and girls have benefitted.

Elaine, who led the session at the library, provided the materials students needed and explained how the kits supply all that young women in Timor Leste will need to manage their menstruation and continue to attend school. And, because these products can be washed and reused, they are not adding to waste or environmental degradation.

BSSC students enjoyed the hands-on nature of the volunteer work and were reminded of how fortunate they are to live in a country with access to what we would consider basic needs.

For more information about ‘Days for Girls’ visit: https://www.daysforgirls.org/dfg-our-approach