VCE students studying ‘Product Design Technology – Woods’ are at the business end of their design projects and have created some beautiful pieces.

Nicholas Malone’s handmade guitar is true labour of love.

He began work on the construction at the beginning of Term 2 and has spent many hours outside of class time (weekends and after school) to create a stunning, completely original and practical work of art.

“The timber is Blackheart Sassafras and I love all the knots and the patterns in the grain,” Nicholas said. “I’ve spent a lot of hours on it, but honestly it hasn’t felt like work. It was a pretty special moment when I plugged it in for the first time and played it.”

Nicholas has only been playing guitar for two and half years, but feels like he’s improving every time he picks up the guitar.

“It’s a pretty good incentive… playing a guitar you’ve designed and built yourself,” he said.

Thomas Hawke’s project is one that’s close to home. He’s built a Jarrah and Victorian Ash storage box to grace his family’s swimming pool.

Josh Smith’s Jarrah bedside table is another piece of finely crafted furniture that shows the high standard of work being produced in the Woods area of the Trade Training Centre.

We’ll show you some more impressive work in the weeks ahead.

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