EAL VCAL students were introduced to life-saving road skills on Thursday when they took part in a session run by driver safety company, Motorvation.

Motorvation uses a combination of lectures, video and practical training to teach students how to deal with unusual situations when driving.

“We’re working on what’s called the one-percenters – the skills that drivers don’t learn when they’re getting their licence,” Instructor Geoff Fickling said.

The students’ day began with an Action Driving Talk, which then led into practical sessions involving driving simulators and real driving at the Tom Flood Centre in a Mazda 6.

The students learnt how to control skids, how to brake in emergencies and were given information about how cars work and how they behave.

“This information is not taught in Victoria for the licence test,” Mr Fickling said. “It’s important that new and learner drivers are taught how to deal with the dangers of driving before they find themselves faced with it.”