BSSC students from two Senior VCAL classes visited Bendigo Tech School today to hear from Dr Chris McCarthy who gave them a glimpse into the future.

The event was promoting ‘Humans 2.0’, a free technology forum and performance coming to Bendigo Tech School on Tuesday 20 August as part of National Science Week.

Dr McCarthy, who specialises in computer vision and machine-learning for robotics, human-robot interaction (and has also contributed to the design of Australia’s first bionic eye), gave BSSC students a hands-on experience of augmented reality.

Graeme Wiggins, Director of Bendigo Tech School, says Humans 2.0 is a unique opportunity to try new technologies and discover how they may impact humanity.

At the Bendigo Tech School, we offer opportunities to explore and experience what the future might be like,” says Graeme. “We are inviting the community of Bendigo to consider human life in 3020 and how technology might change the definition of what it is to be human.”