Year 11 and 12 Economics students stepped into the ‘real world’ of Finance this morning via a live stream with CommSec Media & Capital Markets Analyst, James Tao.

Part of the CBA Partner a Class program, the session was hosted by Andrew Roberts, Senior Manager of Market Positioning and Engagement at Comm Bank.

James, a member of CommSec’s Media & Economics team, presented students with an Economic update that covered everything from the financial impacts of COVID, the Aussie job market, and consumer trends, to the upcoming Federal Budget, iron ore exports, and the boom in real estate prices.

He also gave detailed forecasts of inflation rates, unemployment, the sharemarket and the Aussie dollar.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions on topics as varied as the future of low interest rates, the bank’s perspective on CryptoCurrency, the growth of ‘pay now/buy later’ schemes, and how James found his way into a career in finance and media.

“It’s all about following what interests you and focussing on what you really enjoy doing,” he said.

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