Billie Taylor has joined Ryan Peterson representing BSSC students on College Council for 2017.  Returning to Bendigo after over a decade in Wangaratta, Billie has thrown herself into just about everything BSSC has to offer—music, debating, writing, Student Council (including a sub-committee) and now, College Council.

But Billie brings strong experience. She was a Youth Councillor in Wangaratta and is familiar with the formality of such meetings.

“I enjoy both increasing my understanding of how the college Council operates and contributes to the College, as well as being able to contribute myself.”

Pre-reading of documents, report preparation from Student Council, and presentation of that report are all part of the role.

“There are no ‘big’ issues that I want to bring up at either Student or College Council. I have found this school very open and welcoming—including College Council.”Do you have central Victoria’s cutest pet?