BSSC has been a really positive experience for Year 12 student, Nary Seng.

“I would use the words ‘friendly’, ‘challenging’ and ‘happy’ to describe the college,” she says.

Nary has made some great friends in the EAL (English as an Additional Language) program and feels she has had a truly international experience learning about other cultures.

“Even though we are from many different cultures, we look out for each other,” she says.

“At my previous school I was embarrassed about eating my own food because other students used to make comments about it, but food connects you to your culture and can stop you feeling homesick.”

BSSC has also had its challenges for Nary. Having to study in a language that isn’t your mother tongue is no small thing. Nary continues to expand her capacity and confidence speaking and studying in English.

Arriving at BSSC to find none of her friends were taking the same classes was a daunting prospect.

“I’m a shy person and I was worried about making new friends,” she says, “but people in my classes made it easier for me and I’ve become more confident.”

When coronavirus came along, Nary felt like she and her family were losing almost everything.

“So many people lost money when their businesses had to close,” she says, “and learning remotely was much more challenging than being in the classroom.”

Despite the setbacks of the last two years, BSSC has been a happy place for Nary.

“The teachers are just so supportive and kind,” she says. “Many have said ‘call me anytime if you have a problem’ and they really mean it.”

The college’s dress code also gets a big tick from Nary. She likes the way students are encouraged to express themselves.

“Especially in the EAL program,” she says. “I can be completely open and I’m not shy to ask questions or say what I think. Nobody judges you in EAL.”