They say change is as good as a holiday. For Year 12 student Lucy McNaughton-Perry, changing from a small school to a very large one has turned out to be a major opportunity for personal development as well as academic progress.

“I just love BSSC,” she said. “I know that sounds a bit fluffy, but I’m not kidding. I honestly cannot imagine a better school. It’s opened up the world for me and my close friends now come from many different backgrounds.”

The experience has also confirmed for Lucy that having a big group of friends is perfect for her—quite a paradigm shift for a young woman whose shyness used to prevent her even talking with others.

“These days I definitely feel I could approach a new student and welcome them,” she said.

Lucy was a member of Student Council during Year 11, but as she says, didn’t really get that involved—partly because of her shyness.

“I really wanted there to be a formal in Year 12, so even though it meant being thrown in the deep end,” she said. “I decided I had to make it happen. I’m now leading the committee planning the formal. I often have to talk to people I barely know, and I am loving it!”

One of the differences Lucy has noticed this year on Student Council is the increased commitment to forming a strong connection with the wider student body.

“I think we’ll achieve this—and have better student involvement in events and projects.”

Looking ahead, Lucy is unsure about what she’ll do when her BSSC experience comes to an end.

“Maybe I’ll have a gap-year,” she said, “but this leadership experience is inspiring me to think seriously about studying Event Management.”

Lucy also has a lovely singing voice. She was reminded of this at the end of last year when she went on the Greece/Italy trip.

“I didn’t realise anyone noticed when I was quietly singing away to myself,” she said. “The other students started commenting and telling me what a good singer I am. So I decided to go back to singing lessons. That’s been another big discovery this year… I love singing.”

While funny memes and her boyfriend often make her laugh, Lucy is also capable of a few darker thoughts. When asked what makes her angry, she said: “People who think the world is flat. It’s just so ridiculous. I think it probably comes from a lack of trust… too much obsessing with conspiracy theories.

“More seriously, I get really upset about slavery and especially sex slavery. Global warming is a huge concern and the tension between North Korea and the US feels like the start of a whole new cold war.”

Lucy has her heroes too; Elon Musk and anyone who is opposed to Donald Trump.

When asked what advice she would give to her 12-year-old self, Lucy did not pause.

“Be more confident in yourself,” she said. “Talk to more people. Chill out a bit. Maybe wash your hair a bit more often.”