BSSC Year 12 student, Jasper Rosewarne, says he always wanted to be someone in a uniform when he was a little kid. On the cusp of launching into his tertiary studies, there are no uniforms on his horizon.
“The idea of designing and drawing up plans for buildings is what interests me now.”
He has also refined his expectations about how to get into that industry. At the start of Year 11, Jasper expected architecture would be his pathway into a career designing buildings.
“I would say the college has been ‘eye opening’ for me. I hadn’t realised there are often many pathways to the same place.”
As he gradually became aware of the multiple roles and ways of being involved with building design, Jasper has explored the possibilities and been able to settle on a pathway he’s now really looking forward to.
He plans to study an Advanced Diploma of Building Construction (Architectural) at either Swinburne or RMIT in Melbourne.
For Jasper this means he can have a role similar to an architect without the five years of undergraduate and masters university studies.
Already Jasper has been able to incorporate some of his building designs into his Vis Com folio and one day would love to design houses specifically designed to be affordable for first home buyers—including students.
As 2023 draws to a close, he can look back across almost two years at BSSC to evaluate his experiences at the college.
Jasper says his teachers are one of the aspects of BSSC he’s liked the most and recommends the college as a really good school.
Jarett Boorn and Brenton Haywood are teachers he particularly appreciates—and interestingly, Jasper also had Brenton for Maths in Years 8 and 10.
“Brenton helped me get a passion for maths as a part of a career. But my favourite subjects are Physics and Vis Com.”
Jasper’s main study method is to rerun past exam and SAC questions.
“I’m also one of those people who is easily distracted. Being at school is much better for me than having to self-motivate. Probably the hardest thing for me has been studying over the holidays.”
Despite this, Jasper found the online learning during Covid quite manageable and “did pretty well”.
Still, all students need a break from study and Jasper is into playing video games and watching Youtube clips. He finds online games a great way to unwind and enjoyed attending a gaming convention recently.
Jasper also has a casual job in a small café in Maldon as a kitchen hand, where he works on weekends and over the holidays.
Family is very important to Jasper and his gratitude for his parents is grounded in admiration for how hard they work and how supportive they are of him.
One conversation he wishes he could still have is with his Grandpa, who died a couple of years ago.
“My parents and I often talk about him and I’d love to hear more about his life. I know he was very involved with the fire brigade. I’d like to hear more about his experiences.”
Advice Jasper would love to be able to give to his 12 year-old self is to pick a hobby and stick to it.
“I really regret not keeping up my practice on guitar. I’ve recently been considering taking up bass guitar and I want to hang on to this.”
He and a few friends are even thinking about starting a band and Jasper hopes making such a commitment will help keep his motivation high.
A second piece of advice Jasper would give himself is to be more confident—more willing to say something in a new situation or when meeting new people.
Despite this, he’s has always had a solid group of good friends—and a little help along the way: he credits his cousin with introducing him to one of his best mates.