Madi McGuinness initially thought she wanted to be an actress, but once she learnt how movies were made, and then signed up for a VCE Media class, she realised just how much she loved film production.

The BSSC Year 12 Student sent her entry in for the Eaglehawk & Dahlia Arts Festival on the very last day.

“My teacher helped me fill out the entry form and I entered my short movie, Stranger. I had to sit an interview as well. At the end of the interview they told me I had won.

Madi was awarded $500 from the Flack Advisory Scholarship and intends to put it towards a quality camera.

Stranger was 1 minute, 41 seconds long and made for a Year 11 production,” Madi explained. “It was an experimental film in the horror genre, and took almost three weeks to plan and four days to shoot. We went all over Bendigo—the train station, conservatory, the fountain, a bedroom—the hardest part of editing was getting that seamless flow between scenes.”

Asked about the future, Madi said she already has an idea for her next film.

“I’ll definitely be entering the Dahlia and Arts Festival next year. I hope to go on and study film and television at uni.

“I’m also doing drama,” Madi said. “On May 29 our drama class will be presenting solo performances in the Stratagem Theatre. We would love people to come along and be our audience.”