Luca is a Year 12 student studying VET Allied Health at BSSC. She recently undertook a week of Structured Workplace Learning at ACE Laboratory Services here in Bendigo.

ACE is a boutique vaccine service licensed to manufacture custom vaccines for a wide variety of animals.

They help primary producers achieve antibiotic-free and welfare-friendly food and offer a wide variety of testing services, including veterinary pathology, biological testing of food products, environmental testing and custom-made veterinary vaccines.

Luca observed technicians and scientists and assisted with preparing, processing, and testing samples. She also gained insight about the importance of accurate records, labelling specimens and distribution of results.

While in the lab Luca was able to be part of discussions about processes and quality control, cleaning and maintaining equipment and management of supplies.

“It’s been really interesting working in the lab’s and helping with the various processes,” Luca said.  “Every day was different and I’ve learnt so much about the science and research that goes on at ACE.”