Year 11 student, Cody Stephens, has spent a very ‘hands-on’ week with O’Brien Plumbing Services, completing Structured Workplace Learning (SWL). Cody is studying VET Building & Construction and VET Electrotechnology at BSSC.

Cody crawled out from under a house, looking very much the plumber, and said, “It’s been going great, I’ve been doing maintenance plumbing, checking gas meters, checking for leaks and then identifying them, cleaning blocked stormwater drains with a jetter, testing heaters, ovens and gas hot water systems, making sure they work properly. I’ve even done some carbon monoxide testing.”

Cody got some great feedback from his supervisor, who was impressed with his engagement, willingness to learn, and ability to follow instructions. The placement has confirmed for Cody that he would like to obtain a plumbing apprenticeship once he’s finished school.