It was big day for Year 11 students in the CBA Partner a Class program today when they made group presentations to their peers and Comm Bank staff in the BSSC boardroom.

“The students’ brief was to ‘think like a bank’ and invent their own banking product,” Comm Bank’s Andrew Roberts said. “We asked them to work as a team to develop their product or service and pitch the idea to their peers and bank staff.”

Students’ products included a phone app for point-of-sale transactions and an ATM for purchasing tickets to events.

The students received valuable feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of their presentations and tips for future pitches.

BSSC teacher, Prue Winter, told students she was incredibly proud of them.

“You worked together in really positive ways,” she said. “There was a feeling of great support in the room.”

Andrew Roberts agreed that the students had stepped up to the challenge.

“I know for many of you, public speaking is really challenging,” he said. “Today you’ve all taken a really big step forwards.”

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