BSSC’s Year 11 Photography students spent Wednesday morning exploring the capacities—and magic—of the darkroom.

The class used a collection of found objects, foliage and pieces of jewellry to create photograms—images made on photographic paper without the use of a camera.

“It’s so cool to see the different perspectives you can get,” said Blaze.

James arranged a skull and grass stalks for his photogram. He is looking forward to building skills using a media he really enjoys. “I find photography the easiest way to express my artistic creativity,” he said.

Abbey only took up photography twelve months ago but now loves taking pics—and has even had some recognition in her previous school for the quality of her work.

Teacher, Elise Lidgett, explained that the photogram project is part of the student’s first folio task. Today’s activity also was about getting used to the dark room and learning about important safety techniques.

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